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The Bon Air Artists Association members place their works of fine art on display at several locations. These locations and addresses are listed below. Please visit and view the works of art. Dave Oxley 804-513-3112 and Suzanne Jepson 804-794-7646 are in charge of exhibits. Please get in touch with one of them if you have any questions about exhibits.

EXHIBIT UPDATE: - Please mark your calendars and save this information for reference.

Second VP’s & Exhibit Co-Chairs: Dave Oxley 804-513-3112 and Suzanne Jepson 804-794-7646

Continuing Exhibits—Dates refer to the next time a change out will be made

Winchester Office Complex, - Friday, March 18@10:00am Address: 10800 Midlothian Turnpike
Chairperson: Larry Robinson, 320-7734 Horst Afert, 744-2553
Directions: Turn onto Koger Center Blvd. First right takes you into Winchester parking lot. All doors head to the Main hallways.
Prices can be displayed and sold pieces replaced. Coordinate with show chair.

Independence Golf Course Friday, February 12@1:00
Chairperson: Gloria Callahan, 379-0016 Kathy Scott, Suzanne Jepson, Dave Oxley
Address: 600 Founders Bridge Parkway, Midlothian
Commission is 25%, so price accordingly Pieces must be wired 2 inches from the top with tight wires.
Price is displayed and sold pieces can be replaced.


November-January, Crossroads Art Center
Very Successful Show with 4 pieces sold by Miki Aalseth, Lee Austin, Jill Chafin and Bill Corbin.
Congratulations to Miki, Lee, Jill and Bill!

St. Mary’s Woods Address: 1257 Marywood Lane, Richmond
Will be hanging again in June and July: specific date and time to follow
Chairperson: Horst Arfert, 744-2553 Co-Chair: Mike Shea, 639-3954.

Covenant Woods
Chairperson: Cathy Tyler, 387-1052
Will be hanging May through July: specific date and time to follow

Johnston-Willis Hospital
Drop off: Saturday, February 13 at 1:00St. Giles Presbyterian Church
Address: 5200 Grove Avenue, Richmond
Drop off: Wednesday, May 4 at 1:00
Pickup: Wednesday, July 6 at 1:00
Chairperson: Gina Venn, 741-1572

January - Virginia Eye Institute
Address: North End of Huguenot Bridge
Pickup: Friday, February 26 at 3:30pm
Please note that pickup time/date has changed
Chairperson: Larry Robinson, 320-7734 Co-Chair: Horst Arfert, 744-2553
Space for approximately 25 pieces. Price can be shown and sold pieces replaced. Coordinate with Larry.
Will be hanging again in December, 2016.

January/February - Cedarfield
Address: 2300 Cedarfield Parkway, Richmond
Pick-up Thursday, February 11 at 9:00am
Chairperson: Garry-Lou Upton, 379-9330
This has been a good sales venue over the years. Please, nothing larger than 18 x 24 inches. Prices can be shown and sold pieces replaced. Please coordinate with Garry-Lou.

March - James Center
Saturday, March 5 through Saturday, March 26
Chairperson: Trish Berry, 355-1462 Co-Chairs: Valerie Kling and Gwen Parker
Our annual judged show—just a “heads-up” to put this on your calendar.
Awards reception is scheduled for Saturday, March 26 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm (this is a change).

SunTrust (April)
Cultural Arts Center (TBD)
Gayton Terrace (TBD)

Exhibiting members may sign up for BAAA exhibits by adding their names to the sign-up sheet at the monthly meetings or by calling the chairperson before the show begins. Space is limited at each venue, so please register early. If you need specific directions to any venue, it is probably most productive to check Google Maps or MapQuest on the internet and print out directions.